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Artificial intelligence is no longer a new concept, but its level of sophistication, power and applications have grown
immensely in the last year thanks to wider access to new tools.

The creative industry has seen one of the biggest increases in new AI tools and perceptions of the technology vary from
threatening to welcoming. From the global phenomenon of ChatGPT to the extraordinary visuals of Midjourney, AI tools are
becoming more widely used. Creatives are discovering new ways of utilising or manipulating these AI tools to enhance
workflow, simplify tasks or spark creativity.

At Engine Creative we love to be ahead of the curve and strive to learn what others think about emerging technologies. We
work with a lot of forward-thinking clients who recognise the potential of AI and how it can help to grow their business, so
we made it our mission to find out what creatives thought about AI and how they think it will impact our industry. This
research report covers the following:


• What artificial intelligence tools do creatives use?
• Does age impact opinion on AI?
• Does experience impact opinions on AI?
• Is AI an opportunity or a threat?
• What do creatives think about the future of artificial intelligence?
• Do unique roles see AI differently?
• Animation & Video
• AR, VR & 3D
• Designers
• Developers
• Marketers
• Key takeaways
• Cautiously optimistic
• AI as a tool
• Embrace the unknown
• Be more human
• Imitation or innovation
• Please click here if you’d rather download the PDF version of this research.


Our survey was open throughout February 2023. During this time 113 industry creatives and professionals contributed. We had a good range of industries respond with advertising and marketing (30.1%), IT, software, computer services or video games (20.1%) and digital media, websites and social media (19.5.%) being the largest cohorts.